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7 Best Coffee Cocktails to Get You Buzzing on International Coffee Day 2020 - Local Liquor
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7 Best Coffee Cocktails to Get You Buzzing on International Coffee Day 2020

Most people love a good cup of coffee, but have you tried coffee cocktails? Say cheers to International Coffee Day with a stronger coffee than your usual. Celebrate with coffee cocktails on 1 October!

The love for coffee and  a nice drink will bring in fans to this world of luscious, caffeinated cocktails. From espresso to late inspired drinks, the mood of a coffee cocktail ranges from a French Lavender flavour to drizzled chocolate syrup too. Here are seven of the best coffee cocktails to give you a buzz on International Coffee Day.

Dark N’ Stormy & Coffee

The Dark ‘n’ Stormy is a trendy cocktail from the Caribbean. It is a simple recipe to mix up and as refreshing as any fruity rum cocktail. If you are a big fan of a Moscow mule, then you have to give this a try.

All you require to make an exceptional “Dark ‘n’ Stormy and Coffee” cocktail is a dark rum with funky flavour, tequila, fresh espresso and a ginger beer. The original brands of choices are Gosling’s Black Seal Rum from Bermuda and Ginger Beer from Barritt. You can still get an equally tasty drink by using possible substitutes for each. 

Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini is likely one of the most favourable cocktails of all time since its invetion! The cold-brew espresso coffee and Kahlua (coffee liqueur) are mixed with vodka to make the cold coffee-flavoured cocktail. With a nice froth, then garnish the drink with a few coffee beans and it’s picture-perfect. This classic drink was first made in the late 1980s at a club in London.

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Mudslide Cocktail

The sweet, creamy and rich mudslide cocktail is also known as the ultimate boozy milkshake.  Most of the mudslide cocktail versions are rich in ice cream and provided in circus-size glassware. In the Mudslide cocktail, Kahlua and Baileys are mixed up with vodka. If you want to modify your Mudslide to a fancy version, you can switch the vodka for your favourite French brandy.


Tia Maria Americano

Tia Maria is a dark liqueur prepared in Jamaica, and this cocktail is made using a mix of it with coffee beans. The basic ingredients are coffee beans, Jamaican rum, vanilla, and sugar. The Tia Maria and espresso is mixed with sugar syrup and then garnished with mint leaves to make this delicious coffee cocktail with a freshness!

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Irish Cold Coffee

This is one of the best coffee cocktails with the simple brew that mixes up the dark taste of coffee with the whisky. This is one of the best coffee alcoholic drinks for any caffeine lover, that has a tantalising taste with an extra buzz. Strong iced coffee and heavy cream are mixed up with the whisky to make this simple classic cocktail. 

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Cafe Amore Cocktail

This delicious coffee cocktail is a mix of Brandy and black coffee. The result is a mild, tempting drink, ideal after a long, draining day at work. The whisked cream goes a long way in embellishing the smooth flavours in this coffee cocktail, and to include that additional taste with some chocolate shavings. The black coffee is mixed up with Amaretto Liqueur and Cognac Brandy to make this drink.

Kentucky Coffee Cocktail

Kentucky cocktail may be one of the yummiest cocktails one can enjoy as an after-dinner drink. This is a creamy and smooth drink, and the caffeine flavour gives additional warmth to an already soothing cocktail. You can make this cocktail by mixing up bourbon, hot coffee and heavy cream.

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So, are you a coffee fan who can handle a drink? We are living in a fabulous time to be a coffee fanatic. Cold-brew and instant coffees are making their own place on cafe menus, many other delicious coffee cocktails are delivering caffeine lovers immense ways to enjoy more.

Get the ingredients you need to make these delicious cocktails, at low prices from a Local Liquor near you. Check out our weekly specials! 

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