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Footy Fundamentals: the Best RTDs and Snacks to Fix You Up for the Grand Finals! - Local Liquor
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Footy Fundamentals: the Best RTDs and Snacks to Fix You Up for the Grand Finals!


When it’s finals time, you need the right snack fuel and drinks for a Grand Final Party at home! We’ll admit, this year’s AFL and NRL Grand Finals are going to look a little unusual from the previous years, but make the most of it when watching the footy at home in 2021.

To really elevate your at-home viewing experience, check out our go-to snacks and RTDs combos to satisfy every footy lover. Our delicious recommendations are especially for those who aren’t into beer, or if you need a break from brews this footy season!

So, ready to bring on some of that Grand Final Day magic? (Or perhaps you’re looking for some excellent snacks for yet another lockdown weekend?) Whether you’re a #1 fan of creating the ultimate drink and snack pairings, or just need some inspiration for what to drink, here are our top picks!

No matter who comes out on top, consider yourself the winner with these exceptional drinks and snack pairings at home for the Footy Grand Finals.  

Brookvale Union Ginger Beer 


Brookvale Union Ginger Beer is one of the best spiced ginger beers you can pick up from your nearest Local Liquor. The combination of spiced ginger beer and lime give it a deliciously smooth and sharp taste at the same time! So, what could go well with sweet-spicy ginger beer? A perfect snack pairing for the Brookvale Union Ginger Beers are Kettle’s Chilli Chips. The flavours of the spiced ginger beer combine perfectly with the rich flavours of Spanish jalapenos and spices. It’s a zingy Footy Finals snack combo!  

Jack Daniel’s Double Jack 6.9% 

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The Jack Daniels Double Jack has the bold taste of Jack Daniel’s signature whiskey, with a little extra oompf that feels right for the Finals Season. Let’s face it, it’s a no-brainer! A smooth, full-flavoured Double Jack pairs perfectly with a freshly grilled barbeque. We can’t think of a better snack for watching the footy than rissoles or sausages on the barbie! 

Smirnoff Seltzer

To celebrate the AFL and NRL Grand final this year, Smirnoff Seltzer is one of the best options for those steering away from beer. Why not try the Red, White & Berry collection for a change? This highly carbonated RTD cocktail in a can is full of punch with cherry, citrus and blue raspberry flavours. It’s just as good as other Smirnoff Vodkas, but with zero sugar.

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Speaking of snack pairings, Smirnoff Seltzers are great to try with hot dogs. Somehow, the greasiness of the dogs (doused with tomato sauce and mustard for the purists) and the salty freshness of the Seltzer complements their flavours well. For an extreme Footy Finals snack at home, try adding these ingredients to your hot dogs when pairing it with a Smirnoff Seltzer:

  • Hot dog: 1
  • Top cut hot dog bun: 1
  • Fried Egg: 1
  • Bacon, crispy and cut into pieces: 1
  • Shredded hash brown: 3 tablespoons
  • Butter: 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic aioli: 1 tablespoon
  • Rich tomato chutney: 1 tablespoon

It’s GAME ON! Enjoy our favourite RTD and Snack pairings during the Grand Final! 

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