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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2021 With Irish Cocktails - Local Liquor
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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2021 with these Irish-inspired Cocktails

St Patrick’s Day is one holiday that is recognised as the season to tip our top hats to the Irish with your favourite tipple in hand. Any St Patrick’s Day celebration is rich in Irish culture, but it’s not required to be Irish to join the fun. To get the celebration started, all you need is a green shirt, festive badges, and a drink! For those spending St Paddy’s Day partying at home, brew one of the best St Patrick’s Day drinks yourself! Here we have listed some of the best St Patrick’s Day drink recipes for you, more than just a classic glass of Guinness!

Green Beer

What is the one drink nearly everybody needs to know how to prepare on St Patrick’s Day? Green beer, of course. It does have an undeniable attraction! If you have only tasted a green beer at the local pub, you will be delighted to know that it is so easy to make at home.


To make green beer, you’ll be glad to know that it takes no special bartending techniques. It is, pretty simple, a light-coloured beer that is mixed with a drop of green food colouring. The flavour does not change, only the colour (and the St Patrick’s Day atmosphere!)


  • Your favourite light coloured beer – 350 mL
  • Food colouring – 1 drop

Green Dublin Apple Cocktail

The colour of St Patrick’s day is green, and many alluring green cocktails are ideal for this festive day. One of the popular recipes is the Green Dublin Apple cocktail.

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This is not your conventional green apple martini. This one is mixed with Irish spirit (Irish whiskey) which ousts the classic shot of vodka. The cocktail also includes white cranberry juice to sweeten the mix with green apple liqueur to hand out the drink its signature colour.


  • Irish whiskey – 60 mL
  • Sour apple schnapp – 30 mL
  • White cranberry juice – 60 mL
  • Garnish – apple slice

Guinness and Green Jell-O Shot

Can you imagine a St Patrick’s Day celebration without a round of shots? (A little less entertaining, perhaps?) While several fun shot recipes suit the Irish theme, for a bit of fun why not try this Irish take on the familiar jelly shot?

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The Guinness and Green consists of a gelatin mix of stout and Irish whiskey. On top of that is green-coloured gelatin with Irish cream. It’s fun to make and fun to drink! Use hot water to dissolve the gelatin and mix with the alcohol. 


  • Guinness – 175 mL
  • Unflavoured gelatin (divided) – 4 tablespoon
  • Irish whiskey – 60 mL
  • Water (hot) – 375 mL
  • Baileys Irish Cream – 125 mL
  • Green food colouring

Pot of Gold

Sweet with a spicy kick, the Pot of Gold is an alluring drink that will invite vodka martini fans who want to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Though it doesn’t include a drop of Irish spirits, it consists of green ingredients a-plenty so it is still a great fit for the celebration.



The recipe is low-calorie and mixed with fresh flavours. Choose a crisp, clean vodka and an elderflower liqueur. You will also require fresh cucumbers and mint to garnish with a splash of green. The spicy kick shows up from a short pour of ginger beer, which completes the mix off exquisitely.


  • Vodka – 60 mL
  • Elderflower liqueur – 15 mL
  • Cucumber (1-inch thick) – 4 slices
  • Fresh mint – 8 leaves
  • Ginger beer – 30 mL
  • Garnish – fresh mint

Shamrock Juice Cocktail

The Shamrock Juice cocktail spotlights different different liquors combined with two mixers that mixes to prepare it a fascinating shade of green.

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  • Gin -15 mL
  • White tequila – 15 mL
  • Light rum – 15 mL
  • Vodka – 15 mL
  • Blue Curacao – 30 mL
  • Fresh orange juice – 120 mL

From green beer to cocktails with Irish whiskey and other festive spirits, there is a fun and flavourful St Paddy’s Day drink recipe to match every taste. Make one of these up and start celebrating — Erin go Bragh!

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