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Coming up Rose

Coming up Rosé

Blush is back! All around the world, rosé is becoming increasingly popular – especially over the warmer months. In France, it now eclipses the sale of white wine and, rumour has it, Sting gulps down litres of this pink elixir during his live performances. Here are a few things you might not have known about it.

The Way They Make Rosé

Rosé is made from red wine grapes with the skin left on. The colour is determined by how long the juice remains in contact with the skins. Rosé can be made from most red wine grape varieties, however the most popular are Shiraz and Pinot Noir. The colour does not necessarily reflect its taste profile – in fact, it is unlikely to be able to guess the shade of a rosé while blindfolded.

The Mixer’s Match of Rosé

Rosé is commonly used as an ingredient in spring and summer cocktails. Rosé Spritzers, Sangria, Daiquiris and Cobblers are becoming increasingly popular among mixologists.

Ancient History of Rosé Wisdom

Rosé may have been the first wine ever created in approximately 700BC. The Greeks believed that pink wine was superior to white or red.

Red Carpet Rosé

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Pitt acquired a French winemaking estate in 2012. Their first batch of Miraval Rosé sold out in five hours! They’re not the only celebrities with their names bedazzling rosé labels – other stars like Drew Barrymore, John Legend and Bon Jovi are also associated with this pink drink. In fact, Rosé is the beverage of choice for the infamous English personality, Lisa Vanderpump, which is claimed to be the reason behind the increasing popularity of Rosé in LA.

Dare to Pair with Rosé

Rosé breaks the rules when it comes to flavour profiles. The versatility of Rosé means it can be paired with any kind of meal including fish, vegetables, chicken, pork and even chocolate.

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