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Easter Holiday Cocktails To Try This Long Weekend 2021 - Local Liquor
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Easter Holiday Cocktails To Try This Long Weekend 2021

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When you think of Easter celebration, it is classic candies that run to mind first: colourful lollies, chocolate bunnies, and Easter eggs. For the grownups, though, a blended drink could also be recognised as a special Easter treat! 

Easter-worthy cocktails are loaded with bright flavours, lively seasonal ingredients, and of course a key ingredient, chocolate! Whether you are celebrating a traditional Easter dinner or a cheery Easter brunch, there is sure to be a drink that suits your style and taste as you celebrate the Easter holiday with family, friends or colleagues.

Adult’s Chocolate Easter Cocktail

One of the ultimate party drinks you can get on Easter day is Boozy Chocolate Easter Cocktail! Mixed with vodka, Baileys Irish Cream, milk and Nutella and with an easter egg hidden at the end! An adults-only Easter treat you can enjoy with your friends and family.

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  • White chocolate, for a chocolate rim on the glass: 50 mL
  • Nutella: 90 mL
  • Baileys Irish Cream: 60 mL
  • Vodka 1 shot: 30 mL
  • Milk: 250 mL
  • Solid chocolate easter eggs: 2

Easter Elderflower Cocktail

Smooth and shiny, this brilliant cocktail is impeccable for Easter brunch and will match well with any food you serve. This elderflower cocktail is delightfully effortless, as well. All you require is an elderflower liqueur, dry white wine or Champagne, club soda, and a few people willing to share the joy of drinking it.



  • Elderflower liqueur: 60 mL
  • Champagne, or dry white wine: 90 mL
  • Club soda, or soda water: 30 mL
  • Lemon twist

Easter Carrot Cake Cocktail

This quirky recipe is one of those fascinating shooters, mixed for the adventurous, festive taste buds. Not one single carrot goes into this carrot cake shot, but this one-sip drink feels like its namesake dessert, especially when rimmed with cream cheese frosting and walnuts!




  • Goldschlager: 30 mL
  • Irish cream: 30 mL
  • Coffee liqueur: 30 mL
  • Butterscotch schnapps: 30 mL
  • Garnish: cream cheese frosting (for rimming), walnuts (crushed, for rimming)

Sparkling Strawberry Rose Cocktail

Open that bottle of sparkling rose wine, because this is a cocktail you cannot miss out on during your Easter holiday celebration. The pretty pink drink blends strawberry vodka and basil syrup with pear nectar. It is also a simple recipe that makes a big batch for crowds. This recipe makes a jug, perfect for sharing. 

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  • Strawberries (fresh, rinsed, sliced): 350 mL
  • Vodka: 750 mL
  • Pear nectar: 20 mL
  • Lemon juice (fresh): 15 mL
  • Simple syrup: 15 mL
  • Sparkling rosé wine: 60 mL
  • Garnish: basil leaf
  • Garnish: strawberries

The Bee’s Knees

This cocktail definitely is the “bee’s knees,” and it’s delightfully easy to make, too. Straight out of the Prohibition era, this drink is a marvellous way to embellish your gin with nothing more than honey and lemon juice.

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  • Gin: 30 mL
  • Honey syrup: 25 mL
  • Lemon juice (fresh): 15 mL

Trophy Margarita

Lavender is one of those flavours that extends an instant remembrance of spring and that is why this margarita is an ideal pick for Easter. The herb is imparted into a simple syrup and it is combined with an aged tequila and fresh lime juice to make a cocktail you will not forget soon.

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  • Tequila (Roca Patron Reposado): 45 mL
  • Lime juice (fresh)​: 25 mL
  • Lavender syrup: 25 mL
  • Garnish: candied lavender

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We have rounded up a small collection of Easter cocktails to drink at any Easter holiday get-togethers. So, get ready to try out any of these drinks during this Easter holiday, three cheers floppy ears!

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