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NED Whisky: Great Australian Whisky Through Innovation - Local Liquor
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NED Whisky

NED Whisky: Great Australian Whisky Through Innovation

Australian whisky is not a new concept.

Our nation has over 150 years’ history with the famous spirit, but it’s true to say that in recent decades we’ve entered another golden era and with NED Australian Whisky we are writing a new chapter. Inspired by innovation and guided by flavour, we take the best of the bourbon and single malt worlds to create a whisky that is quintessentially Australian. By us, for us.

NED Whisky

A whisky of rich honey and caramel notes, lifted by soft vanilla and structured with dark chocolate, NED whisky is a whisky for everyone to enjoy – be it neat, on the rocks, in a mixer or in a cocktail.

Across our range, you’ll notice that NED bears the name and face of Australia’s most infamous character – Ned Kelly.  Through every part of his narrative Ned’s character is one we endeavour to inhabit as Australians. The man may have passed 142 years ago, but the persona lives on: unwaveringly loyal to friends and family, fearlessly daring under adversity and ingenious in innovations.

He challenged authority, said no to the status quo, and it’s at this point where NED Australian Whisky and Ned Kelly align. 

When we set out to make whisky in Australia, why should we follow what is expected? We don’t need to play the rules of Scotland or America – our climate is different, our grains are different, and our people are different. We should endeavour to make the best Australian whisky we can.

We are guided by flavour and every idea is a good idea until it tastes bad. We will have a throw at the stumps with any concept we think will make our whisky better. 

NED 700mL

How NED Whisky is made

Whisky is a complex art, part planning, part science and part alchemy. There are a multitude of factors in the NED distilling and maturing process that help shape our flavour, but here are two major ones that stand out.

We are a mixed Australian grain whisky: corn dominant, with wheat and malted barley, and utilise a sour mash – or backset – process in our fermentation. Famously used throughout American bourbons, sour mash is the process of adding a portion of the spent mash from a previous fermentation to a new brew. 

The practise provides a beautiful texture and promotes vanilla and caramel notes. We found that it transported structural and chewy elements of NED into smoother, rounded ones. 

It’s all sounding very bourbon and American-inspired so far, but Scotch fanatics notice something they’re quite familiar with – we lauter our grains.

In brief bourbon whisky is generally fermented ‘on grain’ whereas single malt will separate the grain and liquid (that’s ‘lautering’). We found that the latter works for us – by removing protein, fibres, grit and grist from the ferment we have a cleaner, brighter spirit.

A unique whisky making process

As far as we’re aware, we’re the only commercially available whisky in the world combining sour mash and lautering processes (if there’s one we’ve missed, please let us know we’d love to try it!).

Double-distilled through a wash column and copper pot still, the approach is not far removed from some examples we’ve found of Aussie distillation 100 plus years ago. 

Does it raise a few eyebrows amongst other distillers? You bet. But we think it makes our whisky taste better, so we’re sorry but the ‘wrong’ way has just become the ‘right’ way for NED. 

Though our innovation is tireless, assembling the world’s best actors is no use if you don’t have a stage for them to perform on and thankfully Melbourne provides us with the perfect one. For those who don’t live here, the Victorian capital is famous for it’s dynamic ‘four seasons in one day’ weather (and we’ve probably been through a couple by the time you finish this piece). 

An excellent place to be if you’re involved in both the umbrella and beach-wear business, it’s also a sweet spot for maturing whisky. 

In Australia, whisky must be matured in an oak barrel for a minimum of two years. During maturation, barrels act like breathing lungs, expanding and contracting through the change of seasons, temperatures, and air pressures. The whisky breathes into the barrel and draws flavour out of the oak. In a climate like ours, it happens extremely effectively.

So, while we’d like to take all the credit, we probably need to thank Melbourne a bit as well. That weather works bloody hard for our barrels, and we’re bloody glad it does.

The NED team carefully monitor and taste every cask (tough work if you can get it) and from that kaleidoscope of flavours they craft consistently delicious, rich, and mellow Australian whisky.

NED Australian Whisky 700ml and a range of RTD Cans

NED Australian Whisky is available in a 700ml bottle and a range of ready-to-drink cans, including Whisky & Cola and Whisky & Dry.

The same whisky that goes into our bottles also goes into our cans, ensuring premium quality across the range.

NED Whisky – available at a Local Liquor store near you

If you want to enjoy this amazing product, Local Liquor is proud to sell this amazing Australian whisky. Find your nearest store using the Local Liquor store locator and do yourself a favour!

Looking for NED Whisky at a great price? Check out our Spirits Specials that include a range of specials on your favourite brands including offers on NED Whisky from time to time.

NED Whisky Cans
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