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Perfect Spring Drinks to Bring Along To Your Next Picnic! - Local Liquor
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Perfect Spring Drinks to Bring Along To Your Next Picnic!

A picnic isn’t a picnic if you don’t bring along the right drinks to sip on while relaxing in the sun! Depending on your picnic situation — whether you’re grillin’ or chillin’ — it’s crucial to recognise what drink flavours will work and what won’t with your spread. In terms of what you’ll be enjoying when the time comes, you’ll want to match your spring picnic drinks just right!

Don’t spend too much time finding drink recipes and pre-making beverages that you’ll need to pack for your upcoming picnic. We’ve done a little research for you and you’ll be outdoors with excellent company having great picnic snacks and drinks in no time.

Part-Time Rangers

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Part-Time Ranger is pretty smooth. Less is more. The excellent balance of just a few all-natural additives. The drink is too refreshing and super low in sugar. The Part-Time Rangers range consists of gin, white rum & whisky variants, vodka, all mixed with natural fruit juice, sparkling water and fruit flavours.

Yarra Burn Prosecco

Yarra Burn Prosecco has a pale straw colour with a refreshing natural fizz. You will pick up a fresh pear flavour with a fine distinction of grape pith and baker’s yeast aromas.

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Crafted as a refreshing fruit induced style, the palate is fresh with flavours of pear and pistachio. It’s exquisitely structured, with an exceptional balance of sugar, acidity and tannin.

Hard Fizz Seltzer

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Hard Fizz Seltzer is also known as alcoholic seltzer, spiked seltzer, or hard sparkling water. This is carbonated water blent with alcohol and fruit flavouring. Based on the hard seltzer brand, these fruit flavours can come from fresh fruit juice or artificial flavouring.

Gordon’s Pink Gin & Soda

The drink is using only premium quality ingredients and only fresh flavourings to give an original berry flavour continued with soda for a clean and crisp taste. 

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Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin was aroused by Gordon’s original 1880 pink gin recipe. Made to balance the exhilarating taste of Gordon’s with the sweetness of strawberries and raspberries and with the tang of redcurrant.

So, pack your picnic and enjoy the spring sun with these exquisite drinks. Cheers!

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