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Party Tips

  • Tip 1

    Spend more time mixing with guests

    Serve no more than a range of three cocktails and supplement with champagne and a choice of red and white wines and soft drink. Have pitchers of pre-made cocktails and other drinks handy along with a bucket of ice, cocktail shakers and drink garnishes so that you can spend more time mixing with guests than mixing drinks.

  • Tip 2

    Planning your menu

    Decide on the menu early in your party planning process and make a list of all of the food and drinks that you’ll need to purchase. Determine what type of serving dishes you are going to need so you can ensure you have everything you need on the night.

  • Tip 3

    The key to mingling

    To encourage mingling, put out less chairs than there are people. People can’t mingle if they are sitting.

  • Tip 4

    Not everyone drinks alcohol

    Always remember to add non-alcoholic drinks to your menu. Not everyone will want alcohol, and the designated drivers are going to need something to drink.

  • Tip 5

    Setting the mood

    Lighting is a key ingredient to every great party. The amount and type of lighting you use for a party will depend on the occasion. For cozy events with just a few guests, keep the lighting soft and minimal. For a big party where you plan to dance, use bright lights and special effects. And be sure to leave plenty of time for testing and trouble shooting.

  • Tip 6

    Selecting your playlist

    Plan your party music ahead of time. Start things out mellow, but make sure the songs get a little bit faster and more fun throughout the night

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