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Coopers Dry 24 x 355mL - Local Liquor
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Coopers Dry 24 x 355mL

Coopers Dry is a fine filtered low carb beer.

Coopers Dry delivers on the promise of refreshment in the form of a low-carb, fine filtered beer. With less residual carbohydrate than
other beers in the market, Coopers Dry displays a clean, crisp taste with thirst quenching drinkability. A refreshing citrus taste of lime and lemon combined with subtle floral aroma notes allows this beer to be paired with a wide range of food all year round. If you’re the type to enjoy a crisp lager in the heat of summer or a refreshing low carb beer, you should to get to know our extended family. Coopers Lagers are a kind of effervescent beer which are light in colour and body and have been conditioned at low temperatures


South Australia

Tasting Notes

A refreshing, low-carb, fine-filtered lager. Citrus tastes of lime and lemon combine with subtle floral aromas.







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