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Coopers Mild Ale Bottles 375mL x 4 x 6 Pack Carton - Local Liquor
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Coopers Mild Ale Bottles 375mL x 4 x 6 Pack Carton

Finally, someone brewed a midstrength beer with flavour. Mild Ale is brewed with a selection of barley and wheat malt, and with no added sugar. Smooth malt character balanced by a triple hopping with Pride of Ringwood and Saaz hops.

Brewed to be lower in alcohol, not lower in flavour. This ale delivers on the promise of well-balanced flavour and refreshment. Like all our ales, this mid-strength beer has no additives or preservatives. NATURAL CONDITIONING One of the things that give our ales that unique Coopers flavour and cloudy appearance is a process called natural conditioning. To achieve this, we add a small amount of live yeast to our beer just before packaging. This causes a secondary fermentation in the bottle or can, which carbonates the beer and eliminates the need for any preservatives or additives


South Australia

Sub Region

South Australia

Tasting Notes

A mid strength beer with floral and fruity aroma with a refreshing finish.




Mild Ale 3.5%



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