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Great Northern Super Crisp 30 x 375ml Cans - Local Liquor
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Great Northern Super Crisp 30 x 375ml Cans

Great Northern Super Crisp is a mid-strength lager with a fruity aroma, subtle bitterness and light palate that is refreshingly clean and crisp on the finish.

Great Northern Super Crisp lager was brewed with an outdoor lifestyle in mind. With its fruity aroma, low bitterness and clean, crisp finish, it’s the ultimate refreshment for the Great Northern conditions. Brewed with Australian pale malt, lager yeast and a light stable hop and malt extract to produce a refreshing, crisp beer without compromising on taste.

Multiple States

Tasting Notes

Light golden in colour with an overall mild fruity character. Subtle bitterness and light palate. Refreshingly clean and crisp finish.


Great Northern Brewing Co.


Great Northern Super Crisp


Carlton & United Breweries

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