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Southern Comfort 700mL - Local Liquor
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Southern Comfort 700mL

In 1874, founder and legendary southerner M.W. Heron created the first batch of his genuine smooth-drinking Whiskey, blended with his very own fruits and spices. It was a proprietary blend back then, and we continue Heron’s legacy by safely guarding the secret formula today.
With the re-introduction of Whiskey into the formula, Southern Comfort is heading back to its roots and staying true to M.W. Herons original recipe.

An easy drinking Bourbon with notes of spice and peaches that captures the essence of New Orleans in America’s South.
Southern Comfort is best enjoyed with mainstream mixers like Cola or Dry Ginger Ale with Fresh Lime. It also brings a twist to classic cocktails like the Whiskey Sour or Manhattan.

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Southern Comfort


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