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Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz Wine 750ml - Local Liquor
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Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz Wine 750ml

Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz boasts a dark fruit-driven palate framed with gentle tannins and soft acidity

Typical of Wynns Coonawarra Estate, this Shiraz has aromas of ground black pepper, berry and distinctive floral notes. A medium bodied wine with a lingering finish that will age gracefully. Wynns Coonawarra Estate is internationally celebrated for producing wines of consistent quality and depth of flavour and Coonawarra is considered one of Australia’s best wine regions due to its regionally-specific terra rossa soil and gentle climate. Originally founded in 1891,  Wynns Coonawarra Estate has grown to be the largest single vineyard holder in Coonawarra and is privileged to hold some of the best and oldest vines on Coonawarra’s famous terra rossa soil. 


South Australia

Sub Region


Tasting Notes

Colour: Dark purple to a bright violet hue. Nose: The nose is dark and concentrated with aromas of black fruits and spice. Dark cherries and blackberries are elevated with nutmeg, pepper and subtle violets. Palate: The palate is deep and lush, offering concentrated dark cherry and mulberry, elegant cedar and spice. Tannins are firm and precise complementing the fruit through the mid-palate, leaving the finish with bay and rhubarb.


Wynns Coonawarra Estate


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