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Store Locator

Local Liquor stores stock a range of alcohol from beer, including craft beer, wine, spirits, cider, premixed drinks and seltzer. We stock regular and new products at our Local Liquor stores across the ACT, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Our range includes all the leading brands, with new products and brands introduced and stocked regularly.

Liquor Store Nearby

With hundreds of Local Liquor stores across Australia, you’re bound to find one near you. So next time you’re asking yourself, ‘I wonder if there is a liquor store near me’ or ‘what’s a bottle shop near me’ you can simply check in to our Store Locator and find your nearest bottle shop.

Local Liquor Specials

Before you shop, you can also browse our fortnightly specials separated by category, including beer, wine, spirits, cider, premixed drinks and seltzer. If you’d like to get the latest deals straight to your inbox, you can subscribe to our newsletter, and also keep tabs on the latest Local Liquor catalogue. From time to time, alcohol brands run competitions which we will feature on our competitions page and of course, at your local store.

Proudly Local

Customers can expect the best service at their local store, with store owners who are local and always willing to offer helpful advice on the great selection in their shop. Need a fine wine for a special event, a great scotch to share with a special person, or just information about the latest products – we’d be happy to help with expert advice!

Party Planner

Knowing how much alcohol to buy or order for a party or an event can be difficult, which is why we created our party planner. The planner allows you to enter the duration (by hour), guest count, and select the types of alcoholic beverages you would like, and then generates a carefully considered suggestion. The page also features some party tips to help you address things past just alcohol!

We take responsible service seriously, it is illegal to sell alcohol to anyone under 18 years of age or to someone who is already drunk. The legal drinking age in Australia is 18 years so you must be 18 years or older to buy alcohol or to drink alcohol in a licensed venue. There may be other rules applied depending on state, city, and sometimes even by accommodation like a hotel.

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