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Your Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings - Local Liquor
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Your Guide to Wine and Cheese Pairings

Pairing cheese and wine together can be a challenging but rewarding creative task. If done right, an excellent pairing can elevate what is already a delicious experience. Every element  should be considered when preparing your wine and cheese pairings. Ensuring that the two different elements complement each other while not negatively impacting or overpowering the flavour profile of each pairing is key.  



Here are some best wine and cheese pairings that you can try for a wine and cheese fix:

Pinot Noir and Gruyere

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The persistent red berry fruit of a Pinot Noir is the ideal pairing for the nutty flavours found in a medium-firm cheese such as Gruyere. Both have just the proper amount of aroma and complexity to them, without keeping the risk of one overcoming the other.

Black Shiraz and Smokey Blue Cheese

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Black Shiraz combines best with blue cheese, and if the wine has some interesting notes to it, even better. Smokey Blue Cheese is cold-smoked with hazelnut shells, contributing a moderately smokey and nutty flavour to the cheese. This smokey nature pairs exclusively well with Black Shiraz.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese


Sauvignon Blanc is the wine most usually picked to pair with goat cheese for a good reason. The peppy acidity in the wine pairs with the acidity in the goat cheese. The mix of sauvignon blanc and goat cheese is rejuvenating and fresh.

Brut and Muenster or Monterey Jack


This famous sparkling wine is mostly medium-bodied and differs from dry to off-dry. François Fouché Brut normally has toasty citrus and floral flavours. With its carbonated effervescence, this wine carries out well with mild or spicy cheeses but is adaptable enough to be paired well with any type of cheese.

If you are organising a party and pairing cheese and wine, try adding some of the wine and cheese pairings discussed here. Not only are they enticing, but they might even reform your thought about what’s for dessert!

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