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Drink Garnishes for Autumn Cocktails - Local Liquor
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Drink Garnishes for Autumn Cocktails

Get ready for some cocktail nights at home this autumn season. When preparing cocktails at home, careful presentation is what brings your cocktails to the next level. More than just the standard glass, ice cubes, and maybe lime or of mint, you can bring a full bartender experience to your autumn cocktails at home with these delicious garnishes! 

Whenever we buy a drink at one of Australia’s many cocktail bars, it’s all about the garnishing: delicious flourishes that take any cocktail up a notch. Let’s check out some popular drink garnishes for Autumn cocktails in Australia (slapping the herbs is the most efficient way to release their flavour).

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Iced Flower, Herb, and Fruit Garnishes for Autumn Cocktails

Flowers, freezing fruits, or raw herbs in ice is one of the incredible ways to add a dashing look to your cocktail. Include these to favourite cocktails served on the rocks!

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  • Take an ice tray filled with water including berries, fruit slices, edible flowers, or green herbs.
  • Put this in the freezer until frozen.
  • When it’s ready, use it to chill your popular cocktail; they will give a charming pop of colour and as the ice melts, deliver a hint of additional flavour into your cocktail.

Skewers and Kebabs to Garnish Cocktails

Skewered garnishes are a popular sight; from the classic olive or cocktail onion in a martini to seasonal fruits, they have all been done.

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Herb Cocktail Skewer

Try to update the typical skewer by applying stalky herbs instead of a toothpick. Rosemary, lavender and thyme are excellent options.

  • Pick the fruit you have selected with  a paring knife, create a small cut through which you can put the rosemary or lavender.
  • Put the herb into the fruit. Do it again until you have the required amount for your garnish.

Autumn Fruit Kebab Garnish

You can also take a long toothpick and make a kebab with different fruits and berries, green herbs like basil or lemon balm, or eatable flowers for a garnish that’s both exquisite and spectacular. A cinnamon stick is a superb skewer for hot cocktails.

Shape Apple Slices Into Flowers

These apple roses might look very challenging, but they are actually somewhat easy to pull off—though a little bit of preparation is involved.

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This is one of the popular cocktail garnishes in Australia, where you should slice the apples with a knife, and heat them over low simmer in a mix of lemon juice and water. 

  • Once cooled, roll one slice to form the centre, then roll every slice around the centre until it forms a rose. 
  • Employ a skewer to hold all together and top on an Apple-centric cocktail.

Citrus Peel

A citrus peel is a key inclusion to plenty of Autumn cocktails. Instead of making it a second thought, consider it as a star of the drink by slicing it delicately and wrapping it around an ice cube.

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  • Keep a peeler against the orange, and holding down firmly (but not too hard), roll the orange in a circular action in your hand until you have one long strip of orange peel. 
  • Put the orange peel on a cutting board, and with a sharp knife, slash off the edges of the orange peel so you get straight lines on both sides, and cut down the edges on a diagonal. 
  • Put your ice cube (you can try some fun-shaped trays) in the glass and delicately wrap the orange peel around it, before mixing the liquid.

Cucumber and Celery Drink Garnishes

Cucumber and celery are also fresh garnishes for dazzling, crisp cocktails. Few things can outrun a cucumber martini on an Autumn day. Thanks to its firmness, there is a range of shapes you can be made out from cucumber to garnish the cocktail. The plainest version is a cucumber ribbon.

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A cucumber ribbon looks alluring in a tall cocktail glass.

  • With the help of a vegetable peeler or a paring knife, slice the cucumber lengthwise into thin strips.
  • With a toothpick, spear the ribbon or leave as is and absolutely immerse it into your drink.

Welcome the autumn weather with these beautiful drink garnishes. Don’t forget to tag @LocalLiquor on Facebook or @LocalLiquorAustralia on Instagram to share your drink creations.

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