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6 World-Class Beers to Celebrate International Beer Day 2021 - Local Liquor
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6 World-Class Beers to Celebrate International Beer Day 2021

This month, we are excited to be celebrating one of our favourite international days of the year, International Beer Day! This extremely anticipated universal celebration is held every year around the start of August and is the best opportunity to celebrate beers from around the world! Although various areas celebrate the event on different days, it’s generally celebrated on the first Friday of August. 

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Looking forward to enjoying International Beer Day this year?! Then check out 5 of our favourite beers to help you kick off your Friday night and celebrate the world’s diverse beers.


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Country of Origin: The Netherlands 

Brewed by a Dutch company, Heineken is one of the palest, straw-coloured lagers around the world. At first, Heineken is smooth, fresh, and exhilarating. Ripe, sweet corn blends with something that hits as some sort of bread or rice pudding sweetness. With its iconic green bottle, the head is packed, bone-white, and long-lasting. 

The main identifying trait in this lager are its usual pale, grainy, biscuit malt flavours (these are generally noticed in most decent lagers). Impressions of ripe corn sweetness come out in the middle, and the ending gives a delicate whiff of hops in the form of newly cut grass.

Peroni Nastro Azzurro


Country of Origin: Italy 

Peroni Nastro Azzurro (or better known as just Peroni for short) is a firm and fresh beer hailing from Italy in the form of a pale lager. Its exceptional taste and glimmer of character undeniably conjure its Italian touch. The company has been brewing since 1846, and the Peronis we know today have been around since 1963. Conferring to the original recipe, it’s an indication of craftsmanship, fervour and Italian style in a beer.

Its exclusive and stimulating character is distinct to its brewing process. The brewery of Peroni applies its flavours with a finesse that is driven by high quality, limited varieties of premium hops to make Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

Miller Chill

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Country of Origin: USA

Beer lovers will see that Miller Chill is a blend of the best of two cultures in the form of a ‘chelada style’ beer. This light beer from America is influenced by micheladas, which are lime and spiced beer cocktails from Mexico. Miller Chill was launched in 2007 by the Miller Brewing Company, is known as a light beer brewed with the flavour of lime and a pinch of salt to bring out a truly invigorating beer experience. It’s a new-age substitute in mainstream low-calorie beers, one that brings a crisper, smoother and more summery beer experience.

Sapporo Premium

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Country of Origin: Japan

Brewed by Japan’s oldest brewery, Sapporo Premium Beer is a golden, authentic Japanese lager. When poured, this straw-coloured Japanese brew delivers a soft white head of foam that dissolves immediately, leaving behind no head or lacing. This beer has a flavour that blends tastes of light, sweet malts with some tart and only light bitter notes to finish. Grains and grass seem to lead with its full malt character, and one could even notice a touch of apple hiding behind the light, sweet malts balancing the hops delicately. 

Miller Genuine Draft

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Country of Origin: USA

Miller Genuine Draft beer is brewed with malted barley and specially picked grain cereals of excellent quality. Born in Milwaukee, USA, and quadruple filtered, it’s created using the cold filtering method to cut out impurities, making a premium beer that can be enjoyed globally. This beer is fermented inside wooden barrels in a conventional way for long periods of time which gives this lager its refreshing and pure taste. It’s ideal to pair with pizzas, spicy food, cheeses, bread and light meals.

Victoria Bitter



Country of Origin: Australia

What more iconic beer than Victoria Bitter to represent Australia for a hard-earned thirst! This classic Aussie beer is a full-flavoured, full-strength lager that started its life from the Victoria Brewery in 1854. Better known as simply “VB”, Victoria Bitter is one of the best selling beers in the country. It’s perfect for any occasion! Swig it at a barbeque, drink one down the beach, or even enjoy it at home while watching the footy. You can enjoy it in a bottle, in a can, or as a draught beer. 

Happy International Beer Day for Friday 6 August 2021! Are you game to try at least one or all of these global beers? Cheers!

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